• Welcome Liz!

    A belated welcome to Liz Nouel, a PhD student in UW-Madison’s Genetics PhD program, who officially joined the Werling lab in January! Liz will be working on a study exploring interactions between immune response and …

  • Welcome Joe!

    A warm welcome to Joe Lalli, a MD/PhD student in UW-Madison’s MSTP and Cellular and Molecular Biology PhD program, who joined the Werling lab this month! Joe will be working with genetics and functional genomics …

  • Pandemic pressures may drive young scientists away from autism research

    Dr. Werling is quoted in this article from Spectrum News that highlights the experiences of early career autism researchers during Covid-19 restrictions.

  • Review by Lee and Donna published in Biological Psychiatry

    Review on transcriptomic studies of autism and sex differences in human brain tissue by Lee Kissel and Donna is now published and available online in Biological Psychiatry, Neural Transcriptomic Analysis of Sex Differences in Autism …

  • Dr. Werling featured in GROW, UW CALS alumni magazine

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